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Drupal at OSInet

Drupal ideas and notes

This is a place to work out drupal related issues.

OSInet Drupal modules

Non-OSInet Drupal modules

  • e-Commerce (not Übercart, not Drupal Commerce)
  • taxonomy_context
    • Due to the problems met with the themeability patch introduced this summer for taxonomy_context (TC), a discussion area for the exact specification of this module has been opened, to contain:
      • Project and Issues on
      • Module Specifications
    • More details are available from the project work page:

OSInet Drupal projects

Helpdesk module section

This is the wiki for the zombie Drupal helpdesk module. It contains the following pages:

This module was completely new for 4.6 and built on top of drupal, not the integration of an existing standalone product.

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