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Doc from code

This is available on Drupal CVS

The helpdesk source code itself is now available on drupal in the CVS Contrib repository.

Preliminary design info is available on FGM's blog

General behaviours

Content-oriented classes

Content-oriented classes share similar methods:

  • init() initializes an already created instance of the class with values passed as parameters, or derives from them. It is to be used when the constructor doesn't have all information available at the time of creation and the properties must be initialized later on
  • form() implements the portion of hook_form the class is responsible for
  • view() implements the portion of hook_view the class is responsible for

These are:


Class reference

See the PHPDocumentor doc.

In short:

  • helpdeskObject is an abstract ancestor for content-related classes
    • helpdeskContract implements the HD HD Contracts
    • helpdeskEvent is an abstract ancestor for HD HD Tickets and HD Ticket Followups
    • helpdeskTimeInfo implements a view (à la MVC) of a set of timestamps within Drupal. It is a descendent of the helpdeskObject, which is counterintuitive, because it is typically embedded in, and dependent upon, a HD node descendent.
  • helpdeskTimeValue implements a view (à la MVC) of a timestamp within Drupal. It is the workhorse for helpdeskTimeInfo
  • helpdeskUser implements the HD USER
    • helpdeskCustomer implements the HD Customers

The HD HD Techs and ATTENDANT have no direct implementation.

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