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Drupal 8: Plugin notes

Notes from yched's speech at the Paris core code spring 2012/04/28-29. Use with caution after 2012/05, fast moving code:

  • A “Plugin Type” is a class.
  • The list of existing plugins of a plugin type is enumerated using a Discovery class
  • PluginTypeFactory implements FactoryInterface
  • PluginTypeDiscovery implements DiscoveryInterface
  • PluginTypeMapper implements MapperInterface
  • DiscoveryInterface::getDefinition($plugin_id = 'textarea')
  • DiscoveryInterface::getDefinitions()
  • ?::createPluginInstance()
  • ?::getPluginInstance(array $options = array()) ← think service locator
  • $plugin→set(….)

Code under development in EclipseGC's sandbox at branch: plugins-next

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