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On 2005/11/06:

22:02	osinet	I was wondering about admin/settings/<module> ....	
22:03	osinet	is there something equivalent for this form to what hook_validate provides for node forms ?	
      osinet	to ensure users applying inconsistent settings can't store them.	
      osinet	I mean: to ensure admins applying inconsistent settings can't store them.	
22:04	osinet	because as I see it, currently, hook_settings can warn about the error but not prevent it	
      chx	      osinet: return system_settings_form('node_configure', $form);	
22:06	chx	      osinet: call_user_func($form_id . '_validate', $form_id, $form_values);	
      chx	      osinet: any more questions?	
22:07	osinet	chx: looking into it. Function has no behaviour documentation at but I'm looking at the examples provided.	
      chx	      osinet: this has nothing to do with system_settings_form	
      osinet	chx: ah ? this is the function you just gave ?	
      chx	      osinet: _any_ form can have a $form_id .'_validate' and system_settings_form's first param is form_id	
22:09	osinet	chx: ok, I'll try to understand this	
      chx	      osinet: so if you are calling system_settings_form('mymodule_foo', $form);	
      chx	      then you want mymodule_foo_validate	
      osinet	chx: actually, system_settings_form has only one param and you're using two of them ?	
22:12	chx	      function system_settings_form($form_id, $form) {	
      chx	      // $Id: system.module,v 1.251 2005/11/03 19:33:37 dries Exp $	
      osinet	chx: oh, sorry, I forgot to mention I was using 4.6, not head	
22:14	osinet	chx: I take it that means I should not it down for a next version of my module, and not try to do it for 4.6.x ?	
      chx	      you can try	
      chx	      but i can't help	
      osinet	chx: thanks anyway. At least, I'll have an idea how to do it when I rewrite for 4.7
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