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Conversion rules

QBF works by transforming form arrays from one form to another. Here are the default rules. Note that a TriState is a set of 3 radios for Unchecked/Checked/Don't care.

Widget types

Source Type Modified type Notes
checkbox Tristate  
checkboxes set of Tristates  
date date with unset  
fieldset fieldset empty fieldsets are removed
file removed  
password removed  
radio removed  
radios radios with unset  
select select multiple multiple choices apply as OR
textarea textfield #cols honored
textfield textfield #cols honored
weight weight with unset  
Source special type Modified type Notes
button removed  
image_button removed  
submit removed  
form removed  
hidden removed  
markup unchanged  
item unchanged  
value removed  


Name Processing
#access if FALSE, widget is removed  
#ahah removed  
#after_build removed  
#description removed  

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