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Ideas for 1.0 or minor releases after 1.0

  • use theme functions to format blocks à la Drupal instead of hand-rolled HTML
  • there should be a (per-user) setting for the maximum length of HD blocks before paging occurs: lists are currently unlimited
  • there should be a site-wide setting for these values, acting as a default prior to user settings

Improvements expected in a minor release after 1.0

  • Determination of customer status is currently inconsistent and distributed: as of 2005/11/06, function _helpdesk_is_customer is not used, and various checks are performed at various places in the code, some being based on the hd_user.uid == hd_user.uidcustomer test, while is_customer is role-based. The hd_user-based test might allow for removal of the customer role altogether, to simplify (?) administration
  • In admin/settings/helpdesk, only offer for selection vocabularies that can be appplied to the HD types (from vocabulary_node_types)
  • When 4.7 is released and HD ported to it, include settings validation.

Improvements already implemented

Ideas for next major release after 1.0


  • a HD user can define whether (s)he wants one of the blocks made available by the module on his pages. A per-user setting could be added to define whether users wanting the blocks want them whether they are empty or not.
  • a HD HD Techs could be allowed to define the default behaviour for what happens :
    • when customers are deleted:
      • are their users and contracts moved to another customer uid (which one ?) or deleted, or kep orphans ?
      • are the issues of their users affected ?
    • when contracts are deleted
      • are the events bound to them affected, and how ?
    • when issues are deleted
      • are followups deleted too, or bound to another issue, or kept orphans ?
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