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Paths in Drupal E-Commerce

WARNING: at the moment, this is only the API defined by product.module. It will be expanded as soon as I read the code of the other modules, so it is by no means exhaustive (yet).

Some might call this the Drupal ECommerce REST API.

Path In module Callback Purpose
admin/settings/content-types/products/<ptype> product product_types_configure
admin/store/products product product_overview
admin/store/products/quicklist product product_quicklist A standalone HTML tag soup (XHTML syntax, but no XML prolog) table listing products without the drupal blocks around it.
node/add/product product product_add
node/add/product/<ptype> product product_add
product product product_page Just calls theme_product_view_collection
product/autocomplete product product_ac_product
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