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Munin API

OSInet Munin provider is an alternative to the leightweight Munin monitoring project. As such, it comes with:

  • A more extensive API
  • More built-in counters for
    • core:
      • nodes pub/unpub
      • comments pub/unpub
      • users active/blocked
      • sessions anon/auth
    • extensions: APC caching, APC uptime
  • Munin-monitoring: ability to report on the munin monitoring system activity at produce alerts when probing stops

Feature changes

  • split APC caching:
    • memory use: allocated / in use
    • entries: split or not ?
      • hit / miss / insertions
      • entries: cached / deleted
  • drush-based plugin: plugin is currently web-based, but this is only really necessary for drupal APC
    • providers should be in an include file
    • API implementation could exist both as a module hook implementation and a drush plugin
  • generate the “ln -s” series of commands needed to activate plugins

New plugin ideas

  • Forum monitoring:
    • # fora created
    • topics per forum
    • contributors per forum
  • Content views percentile graph (long tail monitoring)
  • RSS feed monitoring
    • subscribers per feed anon/logged
  • Simplenews monitoring
    • subscriber count per newsletter

Other extension ideas

  • Mobile monitoring (Android / iPhone). Munin templates don't cut it on a phone.
  • Actual access control for probes (currently just placeholders), in addition to the UI access control


There is actually a book on the topic of Munin plugin development:

Third-party ideas

Existing products / services

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