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Go internals unofficial wiki

This wiki section is a copy of the defunct original “Go internals” unofficial wiki. It has been copied here to be easier to consume/edit/update than on


This is a technical wiki about various internals of Google Go programming language implementation, especially of:

  • its accompanying suite of compilers,
  • libraries,
  • and runtime code added to each program.

This site is not about how to use Go, thus not meant to contain among others: basic Go tutorials, Go (libraries) usage patterns, Go (and anti-Go) evangelism, …

Please note, that the wiki is unofficial and community driven, may be incomplete, inconsistent, outdated, poorly organized or whatever else – enter on your own risk. If you're still interested – then welcome :) and please share what you know with other brave souls! If you have some notes you'd like to donate, but they were unformatted, please don't hesitate to put them in a new subpage of the "Notes" page (like in: "Notes/by MC").

,,License chosen for contents is CC BY-SA.,,

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