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Notes by MC

Source files

  • runtime/windows/thread.c
    • syscall(…)
    • stdcall(…)
    • newosproc(…)
    • get_proc_addr(…), get_proc_addr2(…)
  • runtime/windows/sys.s
    • stdcall_raw(…)
    • get_kernel_module(…)
  • runtime/386/asm.h
    • get_tls(register)
  • runtime/windows/syscall.goc
    • see also: goc2c.c, Makefile
  • runtime/proc.c
    • tracebackothers(…), entersyscall(…)
  • runtime/cgocall.c
    • cgocall(…), cgocallback(…)
  • runtime/runtime.h
    • M, G, m, g

Various quotes etc.

  • The number of goroutines actively running is the number of M structures that are running. Look at runtime·sched for various useful counts and lists. (link)
  • To find the goroutines that exist, whether or not they are running, start at runtime·allg and walk through the alllink field. Don't count the ones whose status field == Gdead. (link)
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