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  • PFS = Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Peering:
    • In the case of VPCs, the mechanism by which a network in one project is connected to a netork in another project.
  • Pod:
    • in Kubernetes, a wrapper around 1+ container(s), which is the smallest unit of creation/deployment
    • Represents a running process on the cluster, as either an application component, or an entire application
    • Most pods only contain one container, but several can be present, and share networking and storage
    • Provides a unique IP address and open ports for the containers
  • PoP = Point of Presence
    • A public datacenter containing Google hardware to connect Google's network to the Internet via peering
    • > 160 around the world, not counting edge caches
    • Sometimes called Edge PoP. Compare with Region
  • Principal: in IAM, the subject in an access policy
    • usually identified by an email address
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