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  • U2F = Universal 2nd Factor
    • Obsoleted by CTAP and WebAuthn
    • Supported by Google Titan security keys
  • ULA = (IPV6) Unique Local Address
    • An IPv6 counterpart to RFC 1918 private address space, defined in RFC 4193, but internally routable.
    • Compare GUA.
    • Dual-homed VMs can have an ULA and a GUA.
    • Google's ULA prefix is fd20::/20; GCP ULAs are /48 in that range.
  • URL map:
    • a GCP configuration resource used to route requests to backend services or backend buckets.
    • For example, with an external HTTP(S) load balancer, you can use a single URL map to route requests to different destinations based on the rules configured in the URL map
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