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  • NAS = Network Attached Storage
    • File storage over a network, possibly using NFS or CIFS protocol
  • NEG = Network Endpoint Group
    • A configuration object that specifies a group of backend endpoints or services
    • Commonly used with containers
    • Can be used with *some* load balancers and with Traffic Director
  • NLB = Network Load Balancing
    • In GCP, use of a DSR load balancer instead of a proxy-based one. Available only with regional scope.
    • Available as the External and Internal “TCP/UDP Network Load Balancing” variants of Cload Load Balancing.
    • Cannot provide SSL termination since traffic is only redirected, not proxied: this increases
      • the CPU load on backends
      • the administrative workload on backends, since they must handle certificate management
    • May be required for DDoS protection using Coud Armor
  • North-South Traffic:
    • in general, traffic entering or exiting a data center, e.g. client to server.
    • In GCP, inter-VPC traffic.
  • nPath routing: another name for DSR
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