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Bug list

  • 2006-02-08 13:13 - If a link is built to a term containing single quotes (like “Cool'n'Quiet”), the resulting link is not correctly resolved. Search works, but g2/entries/<the entry> doesn't: the request doesn't find the entry (due to quote escaping ?)
  • 2006-01-18 08:30 - entries containing a “+” or “#” can't be accessed directly: when the URL is processed, its contents are translated and these are lost. In turn, this means the <dfn> links can't build usable URLs.
  • 2006-01-12 11:52 - users with administer g2 entries permissions should be able to see terms from freetagging vocabularies in node view mode, instead of having to go to edit mode to see them.
  • 2006-01-11 11:33 - g2/initial/. resolves to g2/initial, which prevents access to definitions of terms starting by “.”
  • 2006-01-11 09:58 - If a link is built to a term containing spaces (like “OC12 / SDM 4”) or '+', the resulting link is not correctly resolved.

Wish list

  • 2007-12-01 Automatically add a link to wikipedia if the term is defined there
    • setting required: language of wikipedia for the URL. More generally, ability to link to something else in the same way
    • settings required: display on redirection pages Y/N, on actual definitions Y/N
    • provide a way to link to an alternate page
      • sometimes the term may exists but be redirected, display the redirect term directly
      • other times the term may be filed under a different title (CSS in the Glossaire Riff, for instance, is present in W under “Cascading_Style_Sheet”). This would probably best be done either by a redirection override field in the node form, or by an additional element being interpreted like:
  <g2external>Cascading_Style_Sheet</g2external> or
  <g2 external="Cascading_Style_Sheet" />
  • 2006-06-26 G2 links should have a title matching the teaser for the linked-to definition, if it is not ambiguous and autolink has been enabled, otherwise, matching the set of ambiguous links
  • 2006-03-09 Quality agent integration: record clicked links and report (real time or periodically) to sysad on broken links (dfn linking to a non existent term)
  • 2006-03-09 Zeitgeist integration: record clicked links into zg as g2 searches to obtain link popularity stats
  • New blocks
    • Alphabar by category (tid)
    • Top n by category (tid)
    • Random by category (tid)
    • Word of the day by category (tid)
  • New settings
    • 2006-01-14 add a cron feature to check in the background for missing definitions and email the list to the site admin periodically, or include a “creation queue” for admins showing terms missing definition. Empty g2_entry unpublished nodes created automatically when a missing term is found could be used for this
    • 2006-01-10 add a global G2 setting so that, if a term has homonyms, a link to its disambiguation page is included on the definition page.
    • Random entry: only chose from long enough entries (length as a block setting)
    • Top n : computation over sliding time span
    • Alphabar:
      • On demand rebuild
      • Periodic (cron) rebuild
  • Taxonomy
    • Sort node lists on taxonomy pages
  • Multiple glossaries
  • Link building (input filter)
    • Node preview should display links matching no current definition differently from nodes matching at least one
    • Allow use of other elements besides dfn and process their attributes (like using <a rel="definition"> instead of dfn)
    • Allow an additional attribute to specify which exact entry to link to instead of just relying on the name
    • Include in the input filter an automatic suggestion of words to link to, by parsing the text and matching it with the available G2 entries.
  • Node feeds (changes, comments)
  • Remote services
    • 2006-02-06 Separate front-end/back-end so a site can use a remote glossary with about nothing to do and to know about the server site except its URL. In versions ⇐ 1.11, the existing API requires significant knowledge of the serving site.
    • XML-RPC client (ping) to notify a central server of changes so as to collate information from the various sites using G2.
    • IP-based access control white-list/black-list for XML-RPC
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