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Change Log for taxonews


  • No longer list unpublished entries in taxonews blocks
  • Restore 4.7 beta compatibility for block configuration


  • Again compatible with 4.6 and 4.7b4
  • Licensed under the CeCILL 2.0 instead of the GPL 2.0


  • New RSS features and setting
  • Improved themeing
  • Reordering of links in blocks
  • Only 4.6 compatible


  • Now compatible with both 4.6 and 4.7
  • Note that this version is dated 2005-12-27, but later than the previous one.


  • Added new configuration parameter in each block: a default string to be displayed when there are no matching nodes available can be supplied. In this case, the block will display the default string instead of disappearing automatically. Setting this string to empty restores the default behaviour.


  • Added setting to display (or not) the module name in the blocks list.
  • Added setting to display blocks without matching nodes in the blocks list.

To upgrade from previous version, just replace taxonews.tar by the new version and check your blocks configuration.


  • No code changes.
  • Added INSTALL.txt file to clarify module installation and setup
  • Added french translation


Upgrade advised for all users.

  • New features
    • caches query results in memory for sites using several taxonews blocks to avoid repeated queries
    • adds debug information into queries for use with devel.module
  • Bug Fix
    • wrong constant name

To upgrade from previous version, just extract taxonews.tar to overwrite the previous version in :

  <drupal root>/modules/taxonews

You may have to redefine the module settings at admin/settings/taxonews after upgrading.


  • First version, for Drupal 4.6.x
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