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Breadcrumbs output by the taxonomy_context module

  • what should their content be ?

Breadcrumbs in Drupal lead up to, but do not include, the current page. Assume a taxonomy like this:

Food (vocabulary id 2)
> grains (first-level term, id 1)
  > wheat (second-level term, id 2)
  > rice (second-level term, id 3)
> vegetables (first-level term, id 4)
  > potatoes (second-level term, id 5)
  > onions (second-level term, id 6)

When browsing the term 'rice', I assume the breadcrumb should be:

home > food > grains

When browsing a node assigned to rice, the breadcrumb should be:

home > food > grains > rice

We should probably look at the taxonomy_breadcrumb module for comparison.

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