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Breadcrumbs output by the taxonomy_context module

what should their content be ?


2006/09/18: Breadcrumbs in Drupal lead up to, but do not include, the current page. Assume a taxonomy like this:

Food (vocabulary id 2)
  grains (root term, id 1)
    wheat (second-level term, id 2)
    rice (second-level term, id 3)
  vegetables (root term, id 4)
    potatoes (second-level term, id 5)
    onions (second-level term, id 6)

When browsing the term 'rice', I assume the breadcrumb should be:

/|home > taxonomy/vocabulary/1|food > taxonomy/term/1|grains

When browsing a node assigned to rice, the breadcrumb should be:

/|home > taxonomy/vocabulary/1|food > taxonomy/term/1|grains > taxonomy/term/3|rice

We should probably look at the taxonomy_breadcrumb module for comparison.


2006/09/18 I'm a bit reluctant on this. One the one hand, ISTR that breadcrumbs in drupal are supposed to as you describe. OTOH, there's a snippet to include the page title, which means it is felt as needed and, maybe more importantly, Steve Krug, in its oft-quoted “Don't make me think” book about web usability, insists on including and even boldfacing the last item in the breadcrumbs (p.75 1st edition), and I think this advice is as good as most of the book (I hear even Dries has it). Jakob Nielsen's “The art of simplicity” mentions it too (p.204 on the french edition), and he uses it for hist own site. To illustrate this example I'd say that browsing “rice” should give

/|home > taxonomy/vocabulary/1|food > taxonomy/term/1|grains > rice

and show a page related to the terms rice, typically the list of nodes matching the term. while browsing a node assigned to rice, say Carnaroli, the breadcrumb should be:

/|home > taxonomy/vocabulary/1|food > taxonomy/term/1|grains > taxonomy/term/3|rice > Carnaroli

… which happens to be how drupal works from the home page, which by default displays a node list matching a criterium (published + promoted), from which each node is one level deeper as a detail page. Same with these taxonomy contexts: term page lists nodes, putting the node list in its parental context, and node pages show the nodes, in their parental context.

or possibly

/|home > taxonomy/vocabulary/1|food > taxonomy/term/1|grains > taxonomy/term/3|rice >|Carnaroli

to include automatic permalinks within the same logic

Current situation

  • using the latest patch by FGM on top of 4.7.3, the situation is mostly the one I describe, but this leads to a peculiar path on the taxonomy/vocabulary/<vid> page : the breadcrumb currently becomes :

/|home > taxonomy/vocabulary/1|food > food

  • in this situation, it should probably just be :

/|home > food

Other P.O.V. ?

Any other ideas ?

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