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Work notes on PHP-GTK

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Auto-creating variables from Glade files

From a suggestion by C. Weiske on irc:// :

  • first idea: use the DOM of the Glade file and a XPath selection on nodes to iterate on the Glade model and create variables from the results
  • better idea: use

    in a class to create the members as needed, like


Background work

  • For programs needing work being done behind the scenes, without freezing the UI, using an idle-directe finite state machine can be done with the OSInet FSM

Ideas to implement

  • structured logging
    • log_source/log_sink interfaces
    • switchable backends: file, console, syslog, gtk label…
  • chrono class:
    • start
    • stop
    • lap (time)
    • implements log_source
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