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Packaging of FSM

2012 versions

Packaging notions have been removed with the switch to namespaces and PSR-0. The file layout is now one class per file. The only external functions remaining are in misc/misc.php (various helper functions), and misc/psr0.php (sample autoloader).

Versions 1.0 to 1.6 (2006-2007)

  • package: fsm
  • subpackage
    • fsm.ui
      • Background_Application.php: enables PHP-GTK applications to run FSM-controlled actions, notably background processing which does not freeze the UI
      • Fsm_From_Dia.php: class to convert Dia UML diagrams to FSM XML files using Fsm_Writer
      • dia2fsm.php: command-line tool using Fsm_From_Dia to perform the Dia UML to FSM conversion
    • fsm.core
      • Finite_State_Machine.php: abstract read-only FSM, to be used by most applications
        • Fsm_Result: private class in Finite_State_Machine.php, to hold FSM processing results
      • Fsm_Writer.php: read-write FSM, derived from Finite_State_Machine and able to create FSM files, to be used by FSM creation tools like dia2fsm
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