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Installing OSInet FSM


By default, u_fsm.php needs the function func_name() to be defined in an included file called misc.php . This is because, until some refactoring is done, misc.php is part of OSInet Office 5, which is unpublished proprietary code. A sample implementation of func_name() is:

 * returns the name of the invoking function/method
 * if it's a method, it is prefixed by the class name
 * @return string
function func_name()
  $trace = debug_backtrace();
  $func = $trace[1]['function'];
  if (isset($trace[1]['class']))
    $func = $trace[1]['class'] . '::' . $func;
  return $func;

Just paste this in a misc.php file of your own and you can use the FSM.

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